Ulla in Africa
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Ulla in Africa

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advance music, string quartet, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Violoncello 

Heiner Wiberny has written this joyful composition for his wife Ulla, who has a special affinity for African Music. The listener recognizes immediately the sound and flavor of “African Highlife” and “Latin Funk”.

The composition consists of the following parts:
chorale-intro, prelude, ABA-theme, transition, violin- and violasolos with ‘break’-intros, prelude, AB-theme, Coda.
The soloists may play either the written transcriptions or their own improvised solos, whereby the corresponding ensemble sections can be repeated. The phrase markings offer help in the correct stylistic interpretation of the piece, but they can also be changed according to the individual preferences. “Klaus the fiddler” (Klaus der Geiger) gave the world premier of this work with the String Quartet of the Cologne Kunst-Salon Orchestra (Streichquartett des Kölner Kunstsalonorchesters).
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