Company History

1978 The publishing house Edition Gruber GmbH is founded under the name advance music by Hans and Veronika Gruber. The publisher´s list puts its emphasis on world music, with a special focus being placed on Latin-American genres. The publications comprise editions for ensembles in different instrumentations as well as method books.

1980 advance music moves into a company building of its own, situated in downtown Rottenburg / Germany. A music store is opened, offering a range of goods from musical instruments and equipment to records as well as sheet music of all renowned publishers.

1981 advance music exhibits at Frankfurt Music Fair for the very first time.

1982 The first jazz workshop takes place. Up until the early 1990´s, well-known jazz pedagogues and famous jazz musicians are invited to hold workshops and share their knowledge with jazz-loving musicians of all ages.

1984 The music store discontinues the sale of instruments, records and equipment, shifting its business focus completely to sheet music, the range of which has increased tremendously:  jazz and ensemble literature released by 60 of the most prestigious US-American publishers as well as advance music´s own publications are on sale.

1987 After moving to more spacious company premises, advance music steps up its own publishing activities, being the first publisher to put play-along editions including CDs on the market.

As of 1991 advance music strengthens its international presence by participating in trade fairs in Washington, Tokyo and Melbourne.

2004 After the untimely death of co-founder Hans Gruber, business is continued by Veronika Gruber and the founders´ daughter Claudia Gruber. 

2012 The company is partly sold to the Mainz-based publishing house Schott Music.

2013 The company´s name is changed into CRV Music Management & Marketing GmbH. 

2017 Upon resuming its publishing activities, the company once again changes its name into Edition Gruber GmbH. In autumn 2017 the first publications are released under the new label.

The Authors

The authors whose titles have been published by advance music and Edition Gruber rank among the world´s most prestigious and renowned musicians and pedagogues, such as

John Abercrombie,  Antonio Adolfo,  Manny Albam, Dennis Anderson,  Michael Applebaum, Hugh Arnold, Iñaki Askunze,  Chet Baker,  David Baker, Pamela Baskin-Watson, Arno Behl,  Richie Beirach,  Matthew Belzer, Jerry Bergonzi,  Samuel Berthod, Mark E. Boling, Christian Bourdon,  Fernando Brandão,  Heribert Breuer, Bob Brookmeyer, Sigi Busch,  Jeff Campbell,  Guilherme Castro, Alexis Ciesla,  André Cimiotti, Jay Clayton,  Jerry Coker, Chick Corea, Hal  Crook, Mike Curtis,  Steve Davis,  Gilson De Assis,  Clem DeRosa,  Brian Dickinson,  Kurt Dietrich, Bill Dobbins, Armen Donelian,  Mike Downes,  Christoph Enzel,  Peter Erskine,   Brent Fischer, Clare Fischer,  Carlos Gardel,  Bruce Gertz, Gil Goldstein, Sergio Gomes,  Friedemann Graef, Richard Graf, Walter Grassmann,  John Gross, Brenda Halvorson,  Doug Hammond,  Herbie Hancock,  Ed Harlow,  Billy Hart, Frank Haunschild, Peter Herborn, Edgar Herzog,  Brad Howey,  Valentin Hude,  Gregor Huebner,  Klaus Ignatzek,  Chuck Israels,  Andy Jaffe, Olivier Jaquiéry,  Robert Kaufmann,  Gary Keller, Mark Kellogg, Jim Kelly,  Bob Knapp,  Claus Henry Koch, Konrad Koselleck, Rudy Kronfuss,  Rolf Kühn,  Trent Kynaston,  Steve Lajoie,  Mark Levine, David Liebman,  Fred Lipsius,  Jorge López Marín, Ruy López-Nussa Lekszycki, Joe Lovano, Robert Luckey,  Frank Mantooth,  Charlie Mariano, Chuck Marohnic, Fernando Martinez,  Matt Marvuglio,  Bill Mays, Jim McNeely,  Eberhard Michaely,  Andy Middleton,  Ron Miller,  Bob Mintzer, Donovan Mixon, Philipp Moehrke,  Michael Moore,  Olaf Mühlenhardt,  Wayne J. Naus, Oliver Nelson,  Sammy Nestico,  Barrie Nettles, Ed Neumeister,  Jim Odgren,  David Orlowsky˚s Klezmorim, Peter O'Mara, Marcos Paiva, Fritz Pauer,  Bill Perconti, Hauke Piper, Jim Pugh,  Manuel Ramirez,  Frank Reinshagen, Ramon Ricker, Dave Rivello,  George Robert, Howard Roberts, Claudio Roditi,  Mike Rossi,  Adam Rudolph, Ed Saindon, Lupa Santiago, Daniel Schnyder, Matthew Schoendorff,  Joey Sellers,  Brian Shaw,  Chuck Sher, Jim Snidero,  Lew Soloff, Bob Stoloff, Thomas Stabenow, Fred Sturm,  Mike Titlebaum,  Ludmila Ulehla, Bart van Lier, Joe Viera,  Larry Vincent,  Jack Walrath, Dave Weigert, Michele Weir,  Peter Weniger,  Heiner Wiberny, Franck Wolf, Phil Woods,  Gregory W. Yasinitsky,  Javier Zalba and many more

who all make their expertise and specialist knowledge available in form of well-founded publications for studies and performances.